3 Ways To Get More Visitors To Your Website!

Posted by Greg Cawood on 2/26/15 8:00 AM

Article Read Time: About 10 Minutes
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We have been developing websites for over 20 years, and the number one challenge faced by anyone launching a new website is getting visitors to go to it. Everyone knows that if your website isn't getting visitors, then you are not going to be able to generate sales. At IQnection, we call a website that get’s no traffic a “stranded asset”. And unfortunately, it’s something that will happen to everyone who launches a website without a promotion strategy.

Throughout this article, we will discuss a step-by-step action plan that will get your website visitors.

1) Content Based SEO - (Search Engine Optimization)

The search engines are without doubt, one of the best places to get new visitors to your website. The problem is that most new website’s lack credibility in the eyes of the search engines. This means that when you launch a website, the search engine provider doesn't know if your website is good or not. Therefore, they rank you low in their listings, and let you slowly build up your credibility. As a new website owner, you must combat this slow approach to SEO aggressively.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Have Video Marketing on Your Website

Posted by Greg Cawood on 2/24/15 8:00 AM

Article Read Time: About 11 minutes
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I’ve always said that websites are more like TV than newspapers.  Video content is a quicker and more engaging way to communicate with someone than the written word.  

Over the past 5 years, we have seen the widespread adoption of video as part of our daily online life. Millions of people take videos with their digital cameras and mobile phones and upload them to YouTube and FaceBook each day.  But video content isn’t just for capturing precious moments with your loved ones.  It is also becoming the preferred medium of communication with prospects and customers online.  

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The 26 Most Commonly Used Website Pages

Posted by Greg Cawood on 2/19/15 12:12 PM

Article Read Time: About 3 minutes
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In a recent post, we wrote about the planning process you should take yourself through when it comes time to create content for your website. If you missed that article, go back and read it now before reading this one. You’ll find three free worksheets in that post that should help to get the development of your website's content moving in the right direction. 

After you have your three worksheets and all your information organized—and once you’re clear in the understanding that you’re writing your website's content for your customers’ benefit and not your own—read through the following tips. Aside from being a list of the most commonly used pages that appear on website, they explain what you should include on each main page of your website.

Not all of these pages, of course, will be appropriate for your business to use. But being aware of the most commonly used pages can help you make decisions about what to include—and what not to include—in your site architecture.

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What Is the Purpose of Your Website?

Posted by Greg Cawood on 2/13/15 2:50 PM

Article read time: 4 minutes
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Your website is one of the most important tools you can use to grow your business. Most companies, however, have no idea what makes an effective website, or how to position content that will speak to their prospective customers. This short guide will teach you how to reposition your content to be client focused and, in turn, much more effective.

But before you sit down and start typing, ask yourself this one simple question: What is the purpose of my website?

When it comes to creating content, this is far and away the most important question you can ask yourself. The answer should both inform and guide every creative aspect of your website.

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